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how to feel good

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have you ever been depressed?

Everyone has times when they feel depressed or depressed.


If you can spend every day in a happy mood, everything will go well.

At work, when I was a new employee


“I will succeed in this company!”

“I’ll go higher than that guy in the same period!”

If you continue to have the motivation to say that, you should be able to get the future you want.


However, many people

“Is it not good,,”

“It was impossible for me…”

I’m frustrated on the way.


“Don’t forget your original intention”

The person may be a genius if he can do it as he says.

Why doesn’t this exciting and fun feeling last?


That’s because this feeling of excitement comes from dopamine.

Dopamine is the pleasure hormone, but its effects don’t last forever.

Dopamine is released when you smoke or drink alcohol, but the effect is temporary.


It is said that it takes about 3 months at most to keep the mindset of “Don’t forget your original intention”.

Then come to your senses.


Well, for many people, joining a company is a thing of the past, so it’s impossible to go back to that feeling.


But if you could find a way to change your feelings of anxiety and depression into feelings of “fun” or “somehow exhilarating,” what would you do?



how to feel good


Suppose you are watching a comedy show right now.

“This person is the best!”

“I’ll take it~”

Imagine how you feel.


At that time, please make a peace sign and watch TV.

You can also make a peace sign when you are stroking your dog, or make a peace sign when you are feeling happy after eating delicious food.


Make a set of “fun things”, “feeling happy” and “peace sign”.

“What effect does this have?”


Do you know the “Pavlov’s dog” experiment?

“Oh, it’s a conditioned reflex experiment.”

that’s right.

In this experiment, if you ring a bell every time a dog eats, the dog will drool just by ringing the bell even though there is no food.


What I am telling you this time also applies the system of conditioned reflexes.

By memorizing a set of peace signs that express joyful and happy feelings, when you are depressed or anxious, when you look at the peace sign, you will reflexively feel happy and have some fun.


This is a slightly modified method of mental trainer Fumio Nishida, but the effect has been proven.


It doesn’t have to be a peace sign.

Try it in a way that suits you, such as a fist pose or a thumbs up.


When you go on a trip and spend a long time having fun, it becomes easier to enter conditioned reflexes.

Please try by all means try.



Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

Nishifuna Reset Manipulative Clinic


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