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Adjustment disorder, lifestyle habits are everything

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Recently, we often hear the word adjustment disorder.


It refers to a state in which social life cannot be carried out as expected due to various symptoms such as anxiety, depression, refusal to go to school, and refusal to go to work.


It is said that this is likely to occur when there is a major change in the living environment, such as entering school, finding a job, getting married, becoming pregnant, giving birth, changing jobs, or retiring.


And even after various tests at the hospital, it is said that there is no abnormality.

“That should not be”

“I’m in pain!”

If you continue the examination, sooner or later you will be told that it is this adjustment disorder.


This means that the brain is in a healthy state with no abnormalities.

“So what’s wrong with me for years?”

“I’m not crazy!”


That is right.

It’s not a matter of mind.

The true cause of adjustment disorder is

autonomic imbalance



The hospital is a place to examine the disease, so autonomic imbalance is out of the specialty.

Despite being diagnosed with adjustment disorder, which is autonomic imbalance, continuing to go to the hospital will not only prolong the recovery, but will also reduce the willingness to receive treatment.



“Autonomic imbalance?!”

“Because after you got a job?”

“Is it because of work?”

you may say.



As I said before, there are reasons.

But that’s not the root cause.


The reason why it occurred when there was a big change is that

Because the autonomic nervous system hates change



When the autonomic nerve is out of order, it is often the time when there was a change.

There are people who often say, “The change of season is bad,” but this is proof that the autonomic nervous system hates change.


Spring and autumn are times when the seasons change rapidly.

Changes in temperature, changes in humidity, changes in atmospheric pressure, etc.

In addition to that, if admission, graduation, employment, transfer, etc. are added, the autonomic nervous system will be tired due to the big changes.

As a result, the autonomic nerves become imbalanced, and autonomic imbalances such as palpitations, dizziness, anxiety, panic disorder, and depression develop.


How about that?

Did you know that adjustment disorder is autonomic imbalance?

“But I can’t cancel my employment now, what should I do?”


It’s okay if you don’t cancel your enrollment or employment.

If you improve the autonomic nervous system itself, your adjustment disorder will improve.


Why does the autonomic nervous system get worse?

It’s because your lifestyle is bad.

You are sitting badly.

What you are eating is bad.

It’s my fault that you don’t get enough sleep.


Improve your bad habits.

If you fix the following three lifestyle habits, your adjustment disorder will improve.


①How to sit

good posture

Place the back of your hand on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the back of the hand and arch the spine. there is).

② Use the armrests of the sofa as pillows

Especially if you have palpitations and anxiety, just stopping this will be a lot easier.


③ Food

Please reduce convenience store bento and wheat in particular.

This alone will give you good quality sleep.


These bad habits are easy enough to be destructive.

Please do your best to improve.


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