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SNS addiction? !

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How many hours a day do you watch SNS?


I feel restless unless I look at SNS.
I watch SNS while eating and when I’m in the bathroom.
I wonder if the latest information has been updated.
I often check how many likes I have on my page.
I check SNS even while talking to acquaintances.

If you have any idea, you may be addicted to SNS.


Facebook has 1.35 billion registered users worldwide.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Since there are probably people in developing countries who do not have smartphones, most people must be registered with Facebook.


Looking at SNS itself is not a problem.

But how much matters.

As I mentioned earlier, I open SNS while talking to people, check SNS the moment I get on the train, and when I have free time, I naturally look at the SNS screen mentally. You can get depressed.


SNS is the “highlight” of the person’s life.

“I ate delicious food today.”

“I’m coming to Hawaii”

I’m at a nice cafe.”

And so on, I post more close-ups of valuable and wonderful experiences than necessary.


I often see posts like this


It’s still good as long as you think “It’s nice~”.


in that

“Why haven’t things like this happened to me…”

“Why am I not nice every day?”

“Why am I the only one who suffers everyday?”

I feel like I’m going to have a good time.


In the first place, people’s lives are not to be compared with one’s own.

People are people, I am myself.

However, SNS allows us to peek into other people’s lives, so we end up comparing ourselves, and as a result, we fall into self-loathing.


About two years ago, I almost stopped using SNS.

It kind of bothered me at first, but now it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Not only did I not have to worry about not looking at SNS, but I no longer felt distressed compared to others.


“But I can’t stop saying that…”

you say

Certainly, gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, etc., are not easy to quit even if you decide to quit today!


So how did I quit?

that is

I found a new way to pass the time



What most people who use SNS are doing is killing time.

I open SNS unintentionally because I have nothing to do.


The proof is that most people don’t look at SNS when watching a very interesting movie.

I don’t bother to look at SNS when I’m having fun with my friends.

The reason I watch SNS is to kill time.


Your mental state is getting worse because of killing time.

If you are dating moderately, it is fine, but if you are addicted to SNS, it is important to act so that you can stop it.


Now let me tell you about my new pastime.

net cartoon
audio book
Rakugo on YouTube

First of all, internet comics were good at first.

There are free and interesting comics.

But after a while I ran into a problem.


It is “vertical scroll”.

Vertical scrolling has an adverse effect on the semicircular canals, and it makes me feel really sick.

Looking back, I felt sick when scrolling down the page endlessly on SNS.


I recommend audiobooks and Rakugo on YouTube.

Audiobooks are books read aloud by professional voice actors.

The annual contract is 9000 yen (750 yen per month).

It’s a perfect way to kill time for modern people who use their eyes too much.

Moreover, depending on the content, it will also be self-improvement.


“I don’t want to spend money”

For those who say, it’s also good to listen to the audio only on YouTube.

When it comes to rakugo, you can train your imagination by not watching the video.


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