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How can depression be cured?

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In Japan, the treatment for depression is stabilizers and anti-anxiety drugs.

Counseling is also available outside of Japan.


Can these treatments cure depression?

In my opinion, these treatments do not cure depression very well.

I say “too much” because some people get better once in a while.


I think that the reason why some people are cured by drug treatment and others are not is that the placebo effect is strong or weak depending on the person.

What is the placebo effect

“This medicine came from a doctor I trust, so it should work.”


“He’s a famous doctor, so it must be good medicine.”

It is said that the effect of the drug is enhanced by the belief that it is said.


In this experiment, it seems that prescribing flour instead of medicine was also effective.

Some studies have shown that about half of the drug’s effect is due to the placebo effect.


Stabilizers and anti-anxiety drugs are also effective if you take them with a sincere belief, but in today’s society, you can do a lot of research using the Internet, so most people are half in doubt and take them.

Some people say they don’t really want to take it because it contains the same ingredients as drugs.


I don’t think that stabilizers and anti-anxiety drugs are effective for depression, but if you’re going to take them anyway, you should take them thinking that they are effective drugs.


Then why do I say that stabilizers and anti-anxiety drugs are not effective?

depression is just sickness

That’s why.


I feel anxious because I am not feeling well.

I can’t sleep because I’m not feeling well.

I feel negative because I’m not feeling well.


I think as follows.

“Problems of the mind, starting with the body”


Even if there is some kind of problem in the mind, it is faster to solve the problem of the body first.

Even if you go to counseling and change your way of thinking, as long as you are not feeling well, you will soon return to your original way of thinking.


On the contrary, when you feel better, your mindset will naturally change.

And it takes much less time to improve your physical condition than to solve your mental problems.


So how can you improve your health?



how to cure depression

make your stomach feel better


When I touch the stomach of a depressed person, it is surprisingly swollen.

The stomach is also connected to the tension of the brain so that it is said to be the second brain.


Being hungry will affect your sleep.

Humans can only heal while sleeping.

If this state continues for a long time, it will lead to depression.


So why are you hungry?

If you think of the following, please improve now.

(1) I eat a lot of wheat products.

② I eat a convenience store bento every day.

③I always have bad posture.


Just by improving these three things, your physical condition will be much better than it is now.

By all means, please try to work on one.


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