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Are you rowing?

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Are you rowing?


“What’s that?”


Boat rowing is to doze off.

It’s a good thing to see on the train.


“Oh, that guy who sleeps with his head down.”

That’s it.


“When I can sit down on my train commute, I try to sleep, so I row.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

In fact, this boat rowing is a habit that does a lot of harm and no benefit.


the other day

“I’ve been having palpitations lately, and I’m worried about it. I’m about to participate in a marathon, but should I stop?”

I was asked.


I told him that it was better not to overdo it while he was having palpitations.

to that person

“Have you been sleeping on the train lately?”

I just heard

“I’m sleeping because I’m on the first train.”

They said.

When I listened to him carefully, he was rowing a boat.


“Do you get heart palpitations when rowing?”

That’s right.

Rowing puts a strain on the heart and causes palpitations.

To be precise, it puts a strain on the autonomic nerves of the heart.


The autonomic nervous system drives the heart.

Your heart beats when you’re working, taking a bath, or even sleeping.

It is due to the action of the autonomic nervous system.


What happens when that autonomic nerve becomes weak?

When the autonomic nervous system of the heart weakens, palpitations and panic disorder occur.


Rowing puts a lot of strain on the first thoracic vertebrae, where the autonomic nerves of the heart come out.

As a result, the first thoracic vertebra is distorted, weakening the autonomic nerves of the heart.

This condition is called autonomic neuropathy of the heart.


“I’m rowing and I don’t have any symptoms.”

I think some people say.

But it is certain that the autonomic nerves of the heart are weakened.

There may be some heart problems in the future.

At that moment

“I should have quit rowing at that time.”

Let’s stop rowing in order not to regret it.


as cardiac autonomic imbalance

shortness of breath
anxiety disorder
panic disorder
And so on.

If you are currently experiencing these symptoms, please stop rowing immediately.


“But when I get on the train, I end up rowing even if I don’t want to.”

For those who say, let me lean my head on the window side from the beginning.


“But I still find myself rowing.”

Some say.

Such a person, please stand.


“Even though I can sit down?”

As I mentioned earlier, rowing is a habit that does a lot of harm and no benefit, so if you continue to do this in a rush, you risk damaging your health.

It looks like a note on a cigarette pack lol.

It is to say that it is better to stop so much.


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