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What’s wrong with staying at home?

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This time

“I didn’t leave the house all day”

It is not uncommon for people to say that.


As an option in daily life before Corona

go shopping
Go out to eat out
Go for a walk

And so on, there

stay at home
It feels like it has been added.


It’s not wrong to relax at home.

Anyway, Japanese people are on holidays

“It’s a waste to do something on your special holiday.”

Many people thought that, so I think it’s good that many people enjoy relaxing at home.


But the problem is telework.


It’s not so good to say that you haven’t left home all day since you became a teleworker.

When I asked such a person how he was doing

“Somehow I’m not feeling very well.”

Is called.




What’s wrong with staying at home all day?

(1) No contact with people


If you stay at home all day, you will lose contact with outsiders.


I think I have meetings online, but the feeling I feel on my skin is different.


For example, when you go to a store, you tell the clerk



“Thank you”

I think I will take a little communication such as.


This little communication is important.

This little word releases a hormone called oxytocin.


This hormone called oxytocin is also known as “happiness hormone”.


When you go to a restaurant and place an order with a clerk, even if you are alone


I think I say.


If you’re a little smart when you check out

“thank you very much”

“It was delicious”

“It was a treat.”

I think I say.


At that time, the happy hormone oxytocin is released in you.


You were healed every time by a little interaction with the clerk.


I’m stuck in my house all day, and I’m sick because I’ve lost this little communication and I’m deficient in oxytocin.



What’s wrong with staying at home all day?

Part 2 Do not walk


If you don’t walk, it’s natural, but your physical strength will drop.

When you lose your strength, you lose your energy.


Obviously, people who can’t walk will lose their energy.


If this is over 70 years old, I’m bedridden.


After all, the one who is moving will have more energy.




Let’s go out once a day.


And let’s walk.

When exposed to sunlight, a stress-relieving hormone called serotonin is emitted.

It’s a good idea to soak in the sun for 15 to 30 minutes a day.


And this serotonin is also activated by rhythmic exercise.


Walking is recommended.


And please try to communicate positively when you have lunch outside or shop at a convenience store.



“thank you”

“It was delicious”

“It was a treat.”



When I shop at a convenience store



“thank you very much”

Is set.


It was a little embarrassing at first, but it makes me feel a little refreshed.

You can feel that this is effective for oxytocin.


Please try it.


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