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Headache medicine, its perfect way to stop

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For people with headaches

“How many times a month do you take headache medicine?”

I heard that

“I drink every day”

Was answered.


If you take a headache medicine more than 10 times a month, it will cause headaches.

I have a substance abuse headache.


“I’ve been wanting to quit headache medicine for many years, but I don’t feel like quitting at all.”


How can I stop the headache medicine?



Headache medicine, its perfect way to stop


that is

To cure a headache



“Huh? What are you talking about ?!”

I’m going to get angry, but …


However, once the headache is healed, you don’t have to take the headache medicine, so you can stop the headache medicine.


It’s insanely short-circuited, but this is the quickest.


“I’m relying on medicine because the headache doesn’t go away !!”

Some people may get angry, but please wait for a while.


It doesn’t suddenly eliminate the headache at all.

As mentioned earlier, the more often you take a headache drug, the more likely you are to have a substance abuse headache.


If you gradually reduce the number of times you take headache medicine, the number of times you will have headaches will gradually decrease.


The scheme of increasing headache medicine is as follows.

I have a slight headache
Take a headache medicine just in case
Headaches from headache medicines are a little easier to get
More frequent headaches
Take more headache medicine
Substance abuse headache is more likely to occur
It’s like saying.

This is called a negative chain.


So how do you get rid of headache medicine?

The number of headaches is reduced a little
Take a little less headache medicine
Then the headache will be further reduced
Take less headache medicine
Then the headache will decrease
Take less headache medicine
It is like that.

This is called a positive chain.


The important thing here is to create an opportunity to start a positive chain.

The point is to reduce the number of headaches as much as possible.


Now let’s talk about how to reduce the number of headaches.


① Spend a good posture


I only do spine correction and posture guidance for most people with headaches.


The reason is that the headache will improve just by healing the distorted spine and keeping it in good condition.


With just this, the number and intensity of headaches will continue to improve.


If you are not in an environment where you can have your spine corrected, try just your posture.


How to take a good posture

Place your palm on your waist
Gently apply pressure to the muscles around the spine so that the spine just above the palm of your hand is bent. (Your spine may be protruding behind, but it’s essentially warped.)
Don’t stretch your chest, just do this.


② Do not look down


Little is known, but studies have shown that tilting your head down 20 degrees reduces cerebral blood flow by 40%.


Most desk workers are probably looking down.


If you can work without looking down, your headache will improve.


Put some stand under your computer or documents.

Doing so will reduce the downward angle.


“I can now work comfortably until the evening.”

It is popular.


Please try it.



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