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Effective ways to improve hot flashes on the face

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One symptom of menopause is “hot flashes”.

My face gets hot and I can’t stop sweating.


Some people complain that their entire upper body gets hot.

Therefore, many people live in relatively light clothes.


What is the true identity of this hot flash on the face?


Its true identity is …

Hot flashes



Cold hot flashes are hot flashes on the lower body and the upper body, including the face.


In Oriental medicine, a lot of energy (heat) originally gathers in the place called Tanda under the navel.

However, if energy cannot be used in Tanda for various reasons, that energy will be transferred to the upper body.


Then, although the stomach and lower body are cold, the face and the like become hot flashes.




How to improve hot flashes on the face

Improvement of cold


“Improvement of coldness?”

“Isn’t it an improvement in hot flashes?”

You may think.


As mentioned above, the true nature of hot flashes on the face is due to hot flashes.

It all started when the lower half of the body, including the stomach, became cold.


Therefore, the most important thing to improve is the improvement of coldness.


Most people think of improving coldness, such as “slowly soaking in the bathtub” or “wearing warm clothes such as a belly band.”


It’s not a mistake, but it’s not the correct answer.

It doesn’t get worse, but it doesn’t get better.


What cold people often say

“Even if you soak in the bathtub, it gets cold as soon as you get out.”


This cannot improve the cold.


Actually, my legs are cold because my stomach is cold, so improving my stomach is a fundamental improvement.


So how do you improve your stomach?


People who complain of cold legs and cold stomachs are very bloated.


In fact, when this bloating is eliminated, the coldness of the lower body will improve.



How to improve bloating

Review and improve what you eat


What do you eat and what do you enjoy every day?





Convenience lunch?


Everything I’ve just mentioned leads to bloating.


“I can understand the convenience store lunch, but also bread and pasta?”


that’s right.

These main ingredients are mainly wheat.

Eating too much wheat can lead to bloating.


Cook as much as you can and eat rice.


What is also surprising is that many people drink cold foods.


This may be because “hot flashes” are the main complaint.

Some people are not aware of the cold.


Take as warm as possible.

We recommend plain hot water.


In addition to the above, if you live in a good posture, the hot flashes will improve faster.


How to take a good posture

Place your palm on your hips.
Bend the spine by squeezing the muscles on either side of the spine just above the palm of your hand (I think your spine is probably protruding, but this spine is inherently warped. It is).

Keeping good posture and straightening the spine will improve hot flashes in the shortest possible time.



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